Complete Regenepure Hair Care System without Minoxidil


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The Complete Regenepure System without Minoxidil (DR + NT + Biotin Conditioner + Supplement). Now you can, with the complete Regenepure System. Curb hair fall, stimulate new growth, and deeply moisturize your scalp and hair with our advanced hair care system Individual results may vary. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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It’s time to stop feeling insecure about your hair shedding and take action to gain your confidence back! Now you can, with the complete Regenepure System. Address hair fall, stimulate new growth, and deeply moisturize your scalp and hair with our advanced hair care system. Begin your regimen with the powerful Regenepure DR, which contains ingredients that can properly cleanse and prepare the scalp. Follow up with Regenepure NT to stimulate the clean follicles. This nourishing treatment is formulated with caffeine, saw palmetto extract, and is free of sulfates, parabens, DEA, and harsh chemicals.

Once you’ve washed out the NT, use our Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner to bring a tidal wave of nourishment back into your scalp and hair. Our biotin conditioner is also packed with moisturizing components such as keratin, silk proteins, copper peptides, sweet almond oil, tea tree, and more. All of these ingredients formulate a special blend of restorative and nurturing properties. For maximum efficacy, add the Advanced Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss to your regimen. Our carefully researched supplement contains over 29 beneficial ingredients for hair loss that work from the inside out. These ingredients include saw palmetto extract, biotin, branch chain amino acids, and fo-ti root, all which are clinically proven to increase the length and strength of your hair with continued use. Bring your hair back to its optimum strength and condition with the Complete Regenepure System!

Hair Loss System Features:

  • Regenepure DR properly cleanse and prepare the scalp to absorb the nutrients from the NT and Biotin Conditioner.
  • Regenepure NT works to nourish the hair, while caffeine stimulates the follicles for new growth
  • Regenepure Biotin Conditioner deeply revitalizes lifeless, brittle hair to reveal strong, healthy locks
  • Our Advanced Biotin Supplement contains 29 hair-helping ingredients that promote new growth from within


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